Private buyers


Private finance buyers and sellers

Thank you for the opportunity in assisting you with facilitating your finance.

We will assist the buyer and seller in the private to private transaction as follows:

  • We approach all the major banks on your behalf.
  • Conduct the administration, verification and re-registration of the vehicles.
  • The vehicle needs to be taken to Dekra branch for a multipoint check and road worthy to be done (Proof required)
  • Guarantee payment is made to the seller or other finance house.
  • Ensure the vehicle has existing warranty or assist client in purchasing one.
  • Ensure all FAIS and FICA regulations as well as compliance is dealt with at the highest standard.
  • Warrant all documentation is dealt with properly.
  • Deal with all queries with regard to transaction.
  • Streamline the process between the buyer, seller and financial institutions.

Also prepare the following documents should your application be successful.

  • I.D and Driver’s License
  • Proof of residential address. e.g: Any account posted to this address.
  • Pay slip
  • 3 Month bank statements

Please remember each application is treated with utmost confidentiality and priority. Please be advised that completion of this application form does not guarantee finance and the financial institutions answer is final.

Private Buyers

The Bargain Auto Finance process for assisting private buyers with purchasing vehicles from sellers has been designed to be quick and painless.

Here is a summary of the Bargain Auto Finance process:

  • The buyer and seller both have to agree on a purchase price for the vehicle in question
  • The buyer applies for finance using our online finance application form
  • Once the buyer has been approved, the seller has to present the vehicle to an approved Bargain Auto Finance technical centre for a 101-point check and full roadworthy test. Bargain Auto Finance could easily include the total test costs in the buyer’s financial package.
  • Once the buyer has been approved, and the seller’s vehicle passed the test, the contract would be signed and the vehicle handed over.

Apply here or contact us.